Your first day at Muscat College

It’s your first day of college — the first day of the next several years of your student career. Knowing exactly what to expect on your first day of college will help you to prepare for an exciting journey towards a fruitful college life. Here’s what to expect on your big first day. Follow these tips to ensure you make the most of your classes and from your professors, starting from your very first day of each course.

Attend Student Induction:

The student induction is typically held in the second week of the first semester. New students are highly recommended to attend as it is designed to familiarize them with campus facilities, policies and procedures, financial matters, faculty, administrators, and staff.

Review our Prospectus and Student Manual:

It’s very important to know more about the programme you are about to study and become familiar with rules and regulations of Muscat College and your life on campus. To learn all about that and more, download and review Muscat College Prospectus and Student Manual.

Register for Classes during Pre-Registration Period:

All Students must register for classes during Pre-Registration period which is after the examination. Students can register online, check enrolled class schedule, grades, and tuition balance through the Student Portal. You need to contact IT department for your username and password.

Follow our social media accounts:

We announce important news, notices, and events dates on our social media accounts, make sure to follow us on all of these accounts:

  • Instagram: muscat_college_officia
  • Twitter: muscatcollege
  • Facebook: muscatcollege
  • LinkedIn: muscat-college
  • YouTube: Muscat College
Use Bookmark or Favourite on the internet browser to save Muscat College website. You can check the offered class schedule, academic calendar, and get updates on announcement, latest news and events.

Keep Your Eyes on any SMS, Contacts or Email from Muscat College:

Regularly check your email or postal mailbox as you will be informed about news, events, or other information from Muscat College. You must inform the college about any changes in your personal information, including change of address, email, or phone number. Fill out the Change of Personal Information Form and submit to the Admission and Registration department.

Receive your Student ID:

Make sure to receive your Student ID the Admission and Registration department.

Receive your Username and Password:

Every registered students with Muscat College has student email. All communication with students are send his college email, therefore make sure you receive your Username and passwords.
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