The Muscat College Library’s mission is to support and strengthen teaching, learning and research by providing access to a vast collection of resources. It strives to provide services that can lead to intellectual advancement and discovery and critical use of information. It acquires, organises, and provides quality services to student and faculty in order to meet their information needs by utilizing best available resources. The library occupies 727 square meters air-conditioned space in Muscat College campus facility. It contains a large reading area that seats 100 students. It has the most comprehensive collection in the fields of accounting, business administration, information technology, management, human resource management, economics, marketing, computer hardware & software, quantity surveys, construction management, construction technology, drawing & design, materials properties, English fiction, and grammar and many other fields. There is also a collection of Arabic books besides periodicals, videocassettes, CD ROM’s, and audio cassettes, and all local English and Arabic newspapers.

Computer Labs

The College maintains 15 modern computer labs, fully equipped with the latest technology, Students have the opportunity to use the labs either as part of their studies, to complete assignments, and acquire information from the Internet, or for simple leisure on campus. Students receive personal assistance and help with campus logins, basic computer questions, and locating information from helpful and knowledgeable staff members. The computers in these labs are equipped with the Microsoft Office suite of applications and other software appropriate to the division in which the lab is located. Computer Labs are available if you require such facility for training sessions. For booking and reservations kindly contact on 91717716 or email [email protected]


Muscat College Clinic is located in the centre of the campus providing a full range of primary and preventative treatment to enrolled students and college staff. In addition it offers educational, supportive and consultative healthcare services. At Muscat College we strive to make the campus a healthy and safe place to study, work and live, In order to achieve this goal efficiently the College Clinic is operated in cooperation with Aster Hospital to provide high quality medical care in a timely manner. The facility consist of on-duty nurse who can offer first aid, health check-up drives, health education, medical administration, nursing care, and screening. All urgent medical cases are promptly referred to nearby hospitals for immediate treatment.

Opening hours

The clinic is open from Sunday to Thursday, between 8.00 am and 3.30pm, except on public holidays. A Doctor is available at the clinic every Tuesday from 10:00am to 12:00pm

Al Barza Auditorium

Al Barza Hall host most of the student and academic events at Muscat College. It is a modern auditorium with an audience capacity for 350 people and has 75 square meter raised stage. The auditorium is equipped with all events and conference amenities including sound system and projector screen. The very idea of Al-Barza, for Omani people, has always been connected with a kind of forum where the senior people of the country and their elders meet. The purpose of their meetings was not only to make proper decisions on the various issues concerned with the tribe or the clan but also to solve disputes and to settle conflicts and strengthen the very spirit of social togetherness and unity.

Booking Al Barza Auditorium
Al Barza auditorium is the right place for your function. Its convenient location and attractive rates have made it the ideal venue for various school graduation ceremonies, conferences, workshops, and seminars. For booking and reservations kindly contact on 91717716 or email [email protected]

Multi-Purpose Hall

This fully accessible sports hall is one of main features of MC campus. The hall can be transformed to host a multitude of sports in addition to social and leisure functions. This 1300 square meter, rubber-floored hall is a well-equipped space. It has an adjacent classroom with a substantial space ideal for presentations, group training, video analysis and group discussion, supported with the availability of a projector, screen and Wi-Fi access. The hall comprises of changing room, restrooms, showers and locker room. The Sports Hall has a seated spectator area making it an ideal venue for sporting events. It can host indoor football, basketball, handball and volleyball competitions in addition to various other activities.

The hall is available to book for the general public. If you would like to book the Sports Hall, or enquire about availability, please call us at 91717716 or email [email protected]

Artificial Grass Football Pitch

At Muscat College, we nourish our students mentally and physically. Football is the number one sport in the Sultanate of Oman, and our students have won various inter-college football competitions. Students and local sports teams are able to play for longer thanks to a new top-of-the-range sports pitch at Muscat College. Students have the best opportunity to succeed in local and international competitions by playing and practicing on this world class football ground. The facility includes floodlit, 3G artificial grass pitch situated on the College’s playing fields. The state of the art pitch now serves the students and surrounding community.

Our football ground is available to book for the general public. If you would like to book the artificial grass field, or enquire about availability, please call us at 91717716 or email [email protected]

Fittness Centre

Muscat College Fitness Centre has been providing the college community with a healthy and fit environment by offering exercise programmes, wellness classes to keep students and faculty fit throughout the year. Our fitness centre features state-of-the-art cardio equipment complemented with flat screens, and a central sound system. Additionally, MATRIX free weights and single-station weight machines providing ample opportunity for strength training and multiple athletic programmes. The Centre’s bright ambiance is delivered through one entire wall of windows, providing an exceptional view.

The fitness Centre operates on membership and is open for general use by students, faculty, staff and alumni on following: Saturday – Thursday: 2:00 pm – 12:00 pm

Fittness Centre

General use policies are for the use of Muscat College students, faculty, staff, alumni and Public. Membership card is required for admittance.

Failure to abide by these policies may result in the loss of your privilege to use Muscat College Fitness Centre.

Participation is at your own risk. Users are responsible for reading and adhering to posted rules throughout the facility.

  • You must present your ID card to any staff member upon request.
  • Appropriate and clean athletic footwear and attire is required.
  • No opened toed or casual shoes, boots or soiled footwear.
  • Clean and appropriate exercise attire required. Shirts must be worn at all time
  • No food allowed. Personal water bottles must be capped
  • No foul or abusive language
  • No pets allowed
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Thirty minute maximum on cardio machines when people are waiting
  • Compliance with free weights use includes the following:
  • Rack all dumbbells after use
  • Strip bars and rack plates in the proper storage area after use
  • Do not slam, drop, or throw dumbbells/plates
  • Wipe down all cardio/matrix machines and benches after use
  • Treat staff and patrons with respect at all times
  • Use of Lockers is subject to availability, please ask front desk for details


At Muscat College, the Mosque is situated at convenient and easily accessible location on campus. It consists of one large prayer area for men with toilets and wudhu (ablution) facilities. In addition the mosque has a prayer area for women with toilets and wudhu (ablution) facilities as well. The prayer room is open for daily prayers for both genders.

Student Halls

Muscat College has mixed hall and female students halls designed to deliver ambiance and recreation atmosphere to students. At Muscat College we put the student at the centre of our attentions and ensure that these facilities are equipped with the right amenities to boost and support the students learning experience. The student halls are not only the sanctuary for students after and in between classes, it also serves as the venue for most of the student activities and programmes organised by the Department of Student Affairs.


The cafeteria occupies a prime location at the centre of our campus. It is located exactly between the academic building and the administrative block. It is circular in shape and occupies an area of 700 square meters. In 2019 the cafeteria has been leased to a specialized catering company in order to provide quality food and service. The cafeteria has, since then, undergone a complete renovation and reopened with a new and modern interior, and furniture. The Cafeteria now offers a wide range of hot and cold options for breakfast, lunch and delicacies to suit different tastes.

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