Student Activities

At Muscat College we place great emphasis on various social, cultural and sporting activities that we annually plan and organize for our students. All of our activities especially the ones in (“Al Barza Auditorium”) often carry a message and are explicitly mapped to the values of our college and desired behaviours of our students. The College has successfully fostered a caring attitude among the students which reflected in wider community in Oman through various charitable and social activities. We have developed a proactive approach for female student’s sports that made us win various championships. Our extensive range of extracurricular student activities are considered as our distinctive trademark and it serve to fulfil the cultural and social aspect of our Mission and Vision. We prepare students through each activity for their transition in becoming contributing members of society with appreciation and respect for their culture.

Student affairs department organizes and coordinates student activities and events to educate, entertain; promotes diversity, and cultural awareness; to establishes safe environments and build healthy social relationships.

Cultural Activities:

The aim at this level is to develop students’ talents by involving them in various cultural and artistic activities. There are two types of cultural activities organized in our campus. We have cultural events that are organized in cooperation with organizations and official bodies. These events take place in Al Barza auditorium or any suitable venue on campus attended by our students and the public. The other events are regularly organized exclusively for our students every Tuesday from 12:00pm to 2:00pm at Al Barza auditorium. These events presents an opportunity for students not only to attend but also to participate actively and be involved in the organization of these events.

Social Activities:

The social activities taking place at Muscat College are considered to be of vital importance. It is essential to build the sense of social responsibilities in our students to become socially successful. Participating in different social and extra-curricular activities such as tours, visits and conferences would not only offer the opportunity to know new friends and learn from peers; it would also develop their personalities and help them to plan well for the future. It is needless to say that the student activities goes hand in hand with their academics in enriching their all-round personality and instil in them the spirit of togetherness. Our students evolve to become leaders that take on responsibilities both as members and as “builders” of the Sultanate. The Student Council and the groups emanating from it endeavours to achieve such an aim.

For further details, please feel free to contact the Supervisor of Social and Cultural Activates on:
Tel: 24501108
Extension: 46
Working Hours: 8.00 am- 3.30 pm

Sports Activities:

Taking into consideration the tremendous influence of sports at the psychological, social, mental and physical levels, Muscat College has created many opportunities for the sports lovers on campus that enable students to perform and participate. Hence, weekly football trainings takes place in the College playground. Students exercise Basketball, volleyball, handball at our state of art multipurpose hall to compete in local and international meets. Moreover, students who are interested in table tennis can easily enjoy an indoor game in the mix student hall. In addition, a wide range of championships are organized around the academic year. The Chairman’s Football Cup is held on an open sport day. Besides these competitions, an annual championship is organized in which both private and public educational institutions take part. Teams, undergo intensive training to participate in these competitions organized by The Committee for Omani University Sports. Later students are selected to form teams to represent Universities that participate in the regional championships of Arab and International Universities.

For further details, please feel free to contact the College Coach:
Tel: 24501108
Extension: 32
Working Hours: 8.00 am- 3.30 pm

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