Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) with Honours

This is a four-year undergraduate programme that prepares graduates to embark on a lifelong journey in designing computing systems and applications for a smarter world. After completing this program, the graduates will be able to apply core knowledge of computer science on programming, database, system and network as well as artificial intelligence and mathematics for solving real-world problems. During the study, students are exposed to the skills to design and conduct system development through a series of workshops. They are also equipped with comprehensive skills covering software/system lifecycle while completing their elective courses. Embedding professional certification and international recognition into selective courses proves the quality of our academic curriculum while enhancing our graduates’ employability. This programme is offered in affiliation with the University of Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA), Malaysia.
  • Credit Hours: 123 Credit Hours for Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) with Honours.
  • Exit Award: Diploma of Computer Science with 63 Credit Hours.
  • Duration: 4 Years in Full-Time Mode of Study/ 6 Years in Part-Time Mode of Study.
  • Degree Awarding Body: After the successful completion of the program requirements, the students will be awarded the Award/Exit Certificates from Muscat College which is validated by the University of Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah.
  • Yearly Intakes:  Two (September and February).

Student Must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Students who have successfully completed the General Education Diploma (Class 12), or obtained equivalent certificates approved by the Ministry of Education in Oman.
  2. Pass Muscat College General Foundation Programme (GFP) or equivalent. Alternatively, a score of 60% and above in the Muscat College Placement Test in each of the components would make the student eligible for exemption from the GFP.

Note: Students who are sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MoHERI) should fulfill the entry requirements specified by the MoHERI.

Graduates are equipped with skills in Computer Science and soft-skills as an added value which allows them to build a career as:

  • Software Quality Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • Information System Officer
  • Solutions Architect
  • System Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Researcher Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Technopreneurs

Muscat College is committed to providing quality education for its students. Investment made in joining MC Programs will be the best in terms of returns. MC wants to join hands with students in achieving their goals through its Academic Programs. MC offers flexible payment modes such as Post Dated Cheques/Direct bank transfer etc. for students not able to pay during registration period. This help students with financial problems to join programs and be part of thousands of MC graduates who have benefitted from MC degrees and prospered in their life.

Total Tuition Fees: 10980 OMR
Applicable for Both Full Time & Part Time students

Other Fees:

  • Admissions Fees (Paid once): 20 OMR
  • Programme Enrolment Fees (Paid once per Programme): 100 OMR
  • Caution Deposit (Paid once and Refundable): 100 OMR
  • Course Mapping: 20 OMR (Will be exempted if student registered in the College)

Note: All the above fee is subject to change in the future, subject to the approval of MoHERI.

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