Student Ambassadors

Are you a proactive, dynamic and charismatic student? Interested in leading and influencing people? Are active on social media and blogging?

If yes then we are looking for you. Come and join our Student Ambassador Team f and start shaping your future by writing your success story of being a student in Muscat College. You will work directly with the Marketing department in cooperation with Student Affairs department, reach out to the College stakeholders and represent Muscat College at different students meeting and gathering on and off campus.

Whether you are a fresher at the first year or senior collegiate, this is your opportunity to engage in community activities become the programme model and spokesperson. We believe that working or volunteering while studying proves your ability to manage different projects and meet multiple goals within strategic deadlines. Student ambassador programs will not only give you the chance to shine on campus, but it will also help you in accomplishing a prospective career /job in your future You will learn skills that are prerequisite to a real workplace and a great experience to include in your C.V when applying for your first Job.

Your duty will include:

We will teach you essential skills on the use of online tools to improve your content writing and visual storytelling, basic design skills, creativity and analytics, and understanding basics of WordPress and InDesign tools.


Social media Engagement

Muscat College

You will make the most of your interaction with Muscat College stakeholder. Whether you’re fellow students, staff, or external organisations, your task is to build relationships to uplift the image of the college and career prospects or future collaboration.


Muscat College

Customer service

Soft skills and communication are transferrable to a wide variety of current positions and labour market roles. As our ambassador, you will be sharing your experience with the prospective students all over the world by answering to email queries during the week.


What will you gain?

  • Participating in team-building events and outings
  • Opportunity to Learn and develop yourself through meetings, seminars and workshops
  • Certificate of accomplishment that will boost your C.V


Before you apply? Make sure you meet following:

  • Be comfortable with writing and communicating in English
  • Be ready for public speaking and sharing your story, passion, backgrounds, hobbies and adventures.
  • Be ready to answer any questions relating to your relevant programme
  • Manage your time and be flexible.
  • Application for Student Ambassador Programme.
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