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IT Support:

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Students and employees automatically receive unique email ID to access college computer systems. Prior to using newly-created accounts for the first time, you must set a strong password on each account. There is a free Wi-Fi service on campus for Department provides core IT infrastructure and application services in support of teaching and learning, research and administration across the College. A wide range of applications and services are delivered and supported by central and campus-based teams working in collaboration with other departments.

This department is in charge of maintaining the IT infrastructure, IT systems, LAN and Wireless LAN of the college. Improving the capacity and reliability of the IT infrastructure, installing, configuring, and optimizing applications are also taken care by the department. The IT Services Department also provides suggestions to Management for implementing new technologies in the College. The responsibilities include:

  • Student computing facilities and service.
  • Computing, data storage, network and wireless infrastructure.
  • College enterprise applications and business systems.
  • Research and learning systems.
  • Audio visual and video-conferencing services.
  • Desktop support services.
  • Telephone services.
Muscat College
Muscat College

Financial support:

Muscat College

Muscat College offers flexible payment modes such as Post Dated Cheques/Direct bank transfer etc. for students not able to pay during registration period. This help students with financial problems to join programs and be part of thousands of MC graduates who have benefitted from MC degrees and prospered in their life.

Medical Services:

At Muscat College we promote and enhance the good health and well-being of our students to support their academic success and enhance their quality of life on campus. This is achieved by providing visiting hour for out-patients, primary care and free consultation on general health care to registered students. The College provides students with good medical services. To make sure that they receive a suitable treatment, an appointed nurse is available from Sunday to Thursday, 8.30 am- 2.30pm. The Doctor is available every Tuesday, serving between 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. The medical examination room is located next to the female student hall.
Muscat College

Health and Safety:

Muscat College

In compliance with the Muscat College (MC) Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System Manual, the following important points are to be known by all students for their health, safety and convenience:

  • Muscat College provides a healthy and safe environment for students, staff and visitors. An environment which meets Oman’s legal requirements for safety.
  • Mock drills/ evacuation exercises for Staff, Students and any third party are organized on the campus in the beginning of the first month in Semester 1 and Semester 2.
  • In the event of an alarm sound in the building, all staff and students are expected to evacuate the building immediately to the Assembly point.
  • All escape routes through the building are indicated by Emergency Exit signs which lead to the main assembly points located outside the building.
  • A first aid room (Clinic) is available on campus which is equipped as per the Ministry of Health Norms.

As part of Health and Safety requirements you are required to do the following:

Muscat College
  • Taking reasonable care for own health and safety.
  • Taking reasonable care for the health and safety of others including the implementation of risk control.
  • Complying with instruction issued by HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Team.
  • Complying with all the HSE Policies and Procedures.
  • Reporting promptly hazards or incidents via the HSE hazard and incident reporting process.
  • Being familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures and complying with instructions given by the HSE Team.
  • Reporting promptly to their supervisors or to any members of HSE Team of health and safety concerns without fear of reprisal, to ensure all hazards and incidents are identified, assessed, controlled and reported.
Muscat College
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