Chairman Message


Speech of the College Founder and Chairman.

Muscat College

Since its inception, this private higher education institution has been inspired by the noble guidance of Oman’s Renaissance leader, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may Allah recompense him for his good deeds and have mercy on his soul. We have taken part in the Renaissance process through the preparation of competent and educated generations who are able to undertake the responsibility of progress and development, and to protect our national achievements. We have always been strongly committed to the nation’s laws and regulations meant to improve the process of education and learning. In this endeavor, we have always avoided any interest in mere speculation or commercial gain and we advocated the bright academic mission of developing generations and empowering them with the requirements of science and knowledge with the aim of asserting our essential social values without undermining the essence of our religious and ethical principles.

– Sheikh. Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Ghazali – Former Minister of Education

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