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Student Affairs Department staff members are the campus experts on knowledge and understanding about students and their development. Student Affairs Department staff play a dynamic role in the growth process of our students through direct one-on-one interaction. Whether the issues involve clarification of values, career decisions or leadership development, different activities, Our Student Affairs staff are ideally placed to positively influence this process both in individuals and in the larger context. They will work with students who may be experiencing financial, personal, or family concerns that interfere with academic work.

Support and follow up :

Our students profile is rich with a diverse range of background and experiences. Our student services and support are focused on supporting our students’ requirements inside and outside campus. We welcome our student’s needs and provide services that range from necessary help to advice or important information for their life on campus.
At Muscat College our expert guidance and support are available to help you throughout your study. We realize that although student life can be exciting and rewarding at certain times, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. We ensure our services will not only assist you during the course of your studies but also help in preparing you for life after graduation.

In addition to the above our Student Affairs Department support and follows up on the below-given concerns:

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Student Activities:

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At Muscat College, we place great emphasis on various social, cultural and sporting activities that we annually plan and organize for our students. All of our activities especially the ones in (“Al Barza Auditorium”) often carry a message and are explicitly mapped to the values of our college and desired behaviours of our students. The College has successfully fostered a caring attitude among the students which is reflected in the wider community in Oman through various charitable and social activities. We have developed a proactive approach for female student’s sports that made us win various championships. Our extensive range of extracurricular student activities are considered our distinctive trademark and it serves to fulfil the cultural and social aspect of our Mission and Vision. We prepare students through each activity for their transition in becoming contributing members of society with appreciation and respect for their culture.

Student affairs department organizes and coordinates student activities and events to educate, entertain; promotes diversity, and cultural awareness; to establishes safe environments and build healthy social relationships.

Student Groups and Clubs:

Student groups and Student Clubs offer students a chance to get involved. Students join these groups to meet peers, learn more about a professional organization, voice an opinion or volunteer in the community.

There are many meetings, presentations, workshops and events that take place during the academic year. Student groups play an important role in the organization of these events. They also help the local community, attend national conventions and provide extracurricular opportunities. All clubs and groups are free to join through their supervising department. Most clubs welcome students from all programs except the ones which are program specific. All groups have staff supervisor to support co-curricular and extracurricular events throughout the year. Following is a brief description about Students Clubs and groups at Muscat College

Student Consultancy Council:

The Student Consultancy Council at Muscat College represent a channel of communication between students and the management. It works as the bridge between the students and the decision makers in the institution. The Council represent students’ voice and choice with confidence which paves the way for planning and coordination of various activities, and by taking new initiatives in order to build a national conscious generation. The Council also conveys the problems faced by students during their years in college. Consisting of 11 members elected through campus-wide elections Muscat College.

Student Consultancy Council is committed to:

Alumni & Career services:

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Muscat College has a dedicated office for Alumni and career services to engage with our Alumni. This Alumni office engages with our Alumni members to maintain their data after graduation and invite them to participate in various activities inside and outside the college such as community outreach projects Also assisting students with decision-making and career direction. Interpreting various interest/ability inventories that provide students with information related to their career choices.

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Alumni club:

The Alumni Club was established in 2014 as a forum to create and maintain the strong connections with the college’s alumni. The club aims at providing a platform for all the graduates of MEC to meet at one place, share their experiences, provide them with all the possible opportunities and strengthen their profile.

Out of Hours:

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Our Student Affairs department is always available to provide support to our student during office hours, however there will be times when you will need assistant after duty hours. You can contact us outside working hours on 99107015
For further details, please feel free to contact

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