Peer Mentoring

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A peer mentor is someone who is trained to be a mentor to you. To provide you with good quality mentoring support, peer mentors will mentor you for about one hour within the campus during normal class hours. Peer mentors are there to listen and direct you to help yourself. If you wish to become a peer mentor, you can apply for the next academic year. Peer mentors are not academic tutors. If you need academic support or tutorials, you can speak to your academic advisor. Your peer mentor can discuss about the course in general and what to expect from it. They will not review your work or do revision with you.

Contact time

Peer mentors can spend up to an hour in a week or less, .which may vary from person to person depending on the relationship you establish with your mentor.

Finding the right peer mentor

When you apply, you provide basic information about yourself which will be used by the Student Affairs department in order to find a right person as a mentor. This is done on a first-come first-served basis.

A mentor is selected on the basis of the course you have taken, in case of non-availability from your course then someone from the same faculty will be appointed.

Muscat College
Muscat College

Who to contact if you haven’t heard from your peer mentor

Muscat College

If you haven’t heard from your mentor, first check your mailbox. If you haven’t heard from your peer mentor, please contact student affairs department.

Peer mentors for mature students

If you are 21 years or over and prefer to be mentored by one of our mature students then mention your choice when you sign up for the scheme.


You can choose to do a variety of activities with your peer mentor, they are as follows:

  • Meet for a chat regarding your campus life
  • Exchange emails and messages
  • Give you a campus tour
  • Share academic experience and best study methods
  • Connect with other first-year students
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