Transferring Students

New Students

Accreditation for prior Learning (APL) may be awarded to students for the completed units of a similar level and standards from other institutions after mapping the units as per Muscat College rules. Candidates applying for such as exemption should submit academic transcript course details and description of the subjects with R.O 10/- as fee for mapping.

Transfer within the College:

Transfer from one specialization to another within the College happens during:

  • The foundation programme.
  • The first two weeks of the first semester in the first year of specialization.

It proceeds according to the following criteria:

  • Meeting the entry requirements of the requested specialization
  • Availability of a vacancy in the specialization to which transfer is requested
  • Approval of the faculty to and from which transfer is requested
  • Filling the transfer form which is available at the Admissions and Registration office.

Please note that transfer after the prescribed time limits will entail:

  • Possible loss of credits gained as units may not be mapped in the new specialization
  • Payment of transfer fees RO 100.
    In general, students can transfer at any stage of their study, however, unit credits from the first specialization may be lost if these do not form part of the new course.
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