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UMP offers a wide range of skills-based tertiary education programmes and practical-based tertiary education in engineering and technology to produce competent engineers. Its application oriented curriculum integrates theory and practice in the concept of a teaching factory, emphasizing experiential and action learning, task oriented and problem solving.

UMP is committed to the development of human capital and technology to fulfil the needs of industries. It is the first public university to be conferred a Digital University status in the East Coast Region of Peninsular Malaysia.

UMP ranked 5th in Malaysia, 12th in South-East Asia, 18th Asia, 76th 76th in the World as per UI-Green Metric World University Ranking 2019

Professor Gerry McCormac


For more information visit: www.ump.edu.my

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) was established by the Government of Malaysia on February 16, 2002. UMP was set up as a competency based technical university which specializes in the fields of engineering and technology. UMP is located on the east coast in the state of Pahang, the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia with vast areas of rainforest endowed with a wide range of biodiversity and natural resources. UMP focuses on applied research and industrial projects to enrich the teaching and learning processes as well as to promote the commercialization of research products.

Locally rooted, internationally acknowledged. As one of Malaysia’s Public Universities, UMP offers a wide range of high quality academic programmes in engineering, science, technology and management at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

This Undergraduate Prospectus provides you with useful information about the University’s background, admission requirement, academic structure, the faculties as well as other services and facilities available at our Pekan and Gambang Campuses.

As a focused university, UMP is committed to developing its niche in chemical engineering, industrial biotechnology and automotive engineering alongside other disciplines namely civil and environmental engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, engineering technology, software systems, science and management.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our diverse and vibrant academic community. Experience the best engineering, science and technology education here in UMP Regards,

Muscat College established its affiliation with Universiti Malaysia Pahang in the year 2015 in the fields of Computer Science and Project Management

UMP is ranked and rated as:

  • One of the top 15 Asian universities with high publication growth rates and in-region collaboration in Engineering by the UNESCO
  • MSC-status tertiary education provider since 2004
  • 5-Star for the university’s official website in the Malaysia Government Portals and Websites Assessment (MGPWA)
  • 5-Star for Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education’s MyMoHES database
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