The Language Centre

The Language Centre is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards in English language teaching. We have been providing high quality English language teaching for over 20 years. In its primary function, the Centre delivers a General Foundation Programme (GFP) to students entering higher and post-secondary education in Oman.


To enrich the educational experience of students for them to realise a better future for themselves, their communities, their nation and beyond.


To equip students with the relevant education and study skills for them to succeed in their academic endeavours and be active participants in the college community.


The Objectives of the Language Centre is to help students:

  • Gain the necessary English language skills as well as critical and analytical skills to enable you to cope with the demands of the undergraduate programmes.
  • Develop broad intellectual thinking and life skills that are vital today.
  • Develop and improve mathematical and IT skills required to undertake demands of undergraduate programmes.
Muscat College

Director of English Language Centre

Muscat College
Mrs Valeria Thomson
Director of English Language Centre
Ext: 75

Independent Learning and Language Labs

At the Language Centre we believe that learning is enhanced when students are active, independent learners. Hence, we have ensured that we provide students with English labs that include all the equipment and software required to enrich their learning experience.

Our language labs allow students to practice the language through a variety of computer-based activities and exercises. Learning occurs in a structured way, in a real context and in a visually attractive manner that immerses the students in the language learning environment and encourages language use. The students can watch videos, practice pronunciation, learn new vocabulary, and much more.

We have ensured that our language labs are learning environments where students feel safe, relaxed and comfortable and we provide training to assist them to take maximum advantage of the language learning materials available.

In addition, we provide our students with training on study skills; language learning strategies, web searching tips as well as critical skills and problem solving skills; project and problem based learning.

We also instil in students the importance of academic integrity; how their commitment to and demonstration of honest and moral behaviour in an academic setting benefits them.

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