Student Consultancy Council

The Student Consultancy Council at Muscat College represent a channel of communication between students and the management. It works as the bridge between the students and the decision makers in the institution. The Council represent students’ voice and choice with confidence which paves the way for planning and coordination of various activities, and by taking new initiatives in order to build a national conscious generation. The Council also conveys the problems faced by students during their years in college. Consisting of 11 members elected through campus-wide elections Muscat College
Student Consultancy Council is committed to:

Aim and Objectives:

  1. Work with Student Affairs Department to improve the quality of services which are provided to the students.
  2. Contribute towards creating awareness amongst students about their rights and duties that abide by the regulations and laws of the college.
  3. Support student activities in various fields (sports, cultural, artistic and social).
  4. Development of leadership skills among students and give them the opportunity to express their views through transparent systems and equip them with leadership and managerial skills which will further enhance their decision-making.
  5. Development of democratic practices, a spirit of dialogue and respect others opinions.
  6. To strengthen the spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork between the students themselves and between students and members of the academic and/or administrative staff.
  7. To strengthen the spirit of dialogue, tolerance, moderation and coexistence with others.
  8. Strengthen the sense of belonging to the country and the college.
  9. Improvement of the student’s personality and discover talents, abilities, skills and development of scientific and creative abilities through incorporation of various innovative programs.
  10. To involve students in important decisions which belong to the college and students, and convey the voice of students and their views to College management.
  11. Participation in the preparation of plans related with the students.
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