Department of Computing

Established in 1996, the Department of Computing endeavours to provide educational excellence by offering internationally recognized undergraduate programmes in computing to meet the demands of today’s global job scale. The Department is committed to offering students the opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding and set of information technology and computing knowledge combined with practical skills.

Department of Computing offers programmes that provide students with a comprehensive, well-planned and balanced learning experience based on the market demands in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Department is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms and computer labs. There are dedicated labs for students to gain practical experience in networking, hardware maintenance, and CISCO router configuration.

Muscat College
Muscat College

Head of Department

Muscat College

Dr Sarachandran Nair
Head of Department of Computing Ext: 73


The Staff of the Department of Computing consists of associate professors, assistant professors, senior lecturers and lecturers that have rich teaching and industrial experience. They prepare students with following traits:

  • Ready to be absorbed by the industry to start a career in the field of information and communication technology.
  • Able to start an entrepreneurial project in the field of Information technology.
  • Able to pursue research activities in the field of information technology.

Department additional activity

Department of Computing provides learning support services including one on one tutoring for weak students and students who have missed the classes due to sickness in addition the Department provide support to accelerate critical thinking and analytical skills of students through peer tutoring in class rooms and train students to do peer tutoring. The Department organizes extra-curricular activities for students to instill organizational, managerial and teamwork skill by Organizing departmental / national level events with collaboration of students’ IT club.

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