Business and Accounting Dep.

The Department of Business and Accounting in Muscat College is dynamically evolving in the current educational scenario of the Sultanate of Oman. The department is committed to provide students with technical knowledge, skills, and competences. This pedagogical method improves our graduate attributes to enter the business and accounting professions and to pursue a successful professional career.

The Department offers a wide range of programmes in the business, accounting, and project management fields in affiliation with the University of Stirling (UoS), and University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), in addition to the advanced diploma programmes with Scottish Qualifications Authority SQA, UK.

Master Programmes:

The department offers the following master’s programmes in affiliation with University of Stirling – UK:

  • Masters of Science in Management
Muscat College
Muscat College

Bachelor Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor with Honours in Accountancy and Business Studies
  • Bachelor with Honours in Business Studies
  • Bachelor with Honours in Marketing
  • Bachelor with Honours in HRM
  • Bachelor of Project management with Honours

Diploma Degree Programmes

  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • Advanced Diploma in Business

Head of Department

Muscat College

Dr Araby Madbouly
Head of Department of Business and Accounting
Ext: 702


The Department of Business and Accounting includes a number of Associate professors, Assistant Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers and one Assistant Lecturer. Besides that the department depends on many experts from industry to participate in the provision of different courses and modules. The staff members have varied experience and exposure in their respective fields which suits the requirements of the offered programmes.

Extra-curricular Activities:

The Department covers the practical side for students through extra-curriculum activities such as inviting guest speakers for seminars and workshops for students, conducting industry visits for students, organising symposiums, and stimulating students to participate in workshops and symposiums out of the college. The Department facilitates the training for its students to enable them to deal with the practical issues and obtain related skills which highly improves their employability.

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