Paper Presentation by Business faculty in International Conference on Sustainability, Environment, and Social Transition in Economics and Finance 2023 (SESTEF 2023) at Southampton Business School, the University of Southampton, UK.
A paper titled “Analysing Oman’s Oil and Gas Sector Post-COVID-19: Innovation and Competitiveness through Resource Dependence Theory” is presented by Mr Salim Bakhit Al Daraai, Lecturer- Business &Accounting Dept., at the SESTEF Conference 2023 held at Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, UK. The paper explores how Oman’s oil and gas industry has adapted to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. It utilises Resource Dependence Theory to examine the sector’s innovation strategies and competitiveness in the aftermath of the pandemic. This research is supported by GRG-funded projects from MoHERI.
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