New Student Orientation

While all first-year or fresh entries participate in orientation, those aimed at international students are slightly more in-depth. They usually include detailed explanations on how systems in their new host country works, including things like banking and transport, to name just a few. The program is designed to welcome new students in campus by disseminating most important information and regulations. It will help you prepare for your transition into college life as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead—intellectually, emotionally, academically, and socially.

The induction programme will familiarize you with following:

  • Student Support Services
  • College General Rules and Regulations
  • Important financial requirements and options (dates for instalments, Consequences of not paying and the process taken)
  • Important processes for absenteeism (First, Final, Barred Warning)
  • Hierarchical steps for communication.
  • Academic advisors role and academic appeals.
  • Placement test dates and exam content.
  • College facility tour
  • Health and safety regulations
  • IT and Library Services
  • Distribution of students ID card
  • Admission and Registration Services
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