Master’s Degree Scholarship

An Opportunity for a Master’s Degree Scholarship for the Alumni of Muscat College

We are happy to announce that:

  • Omani Students who graduated from Muscat College and would like to be one of the academic staff teaching courses “Teaching Assistant” belonging to Muscat College programmes.
  • MoHERI offers a scholarship for a Master’s Degree to study abroad in the next AY 2023/2024.
  • Interested candidates are welcome to join and ensure all terms of selection of candidates specified below are fulfilled.
  • Make sure that all terms and regulations during and after study are satisfied to you before signing the contract.
  • Candidates who are interested to apply, should submit the application on or before 6th July 2023 through the following email: <[email protected]>.
  • For more information, you can call using 24503821, 24594376, 24501161 –  Ext. 36 || Ext. 29.
  • The attached list of recommended institutions by the Ministry for Study and the role and regulations for applying for the scholarship is attached for easy reference.
  • Terms of selection of the candidate from the Alumni:
  1. Meet all the entry requirements by the MoHERI and the specific requirements for the University abroad.
  2. Shall be a graduate from MC of the last two years.
  3. Should study the same field as Muscat College’s academic programs requirements.
  4. Shall be Holding a Bachelor’s degree, with a minimum of 3.0 CGPA or awarded with a Second class, upper division.
  5. IELTS: 6.5 with 6.0 minimum in each skill.
  6. Shall passing the local interview at Muscat College.
  7. The Applicant should be of good character and records.
  8. Before starting the study, the selected applicant should sign the contract with the College, which contains all related rules and regulations.
  • Terms and regulations during and after study:
  1. The name of the position for the selected applicant during study will be “Teaching Assistant”.
  2. The candidate should send a copy of his transcript every semester to the HR Department.
  3. Working at Muscat College for a minimum of TWO YEARS, and in case of any suspension, the candidate will pay all the financial support.
  4. The candidate should join Muscat College after ONE month of receiving the graduation notification.
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